Welcome to Undermind!

Most members of Undermind have been playing WoW together for years, many since vanilla. We're a rowdy bunch of old farts (and some not as old farts....) who like to drink, cuss, and belittle each other (all in good fun!). We are not a "family" guild in any way (we do have wives, husbands, brothers, etc...but you probably don't want your kids to hear us!). If you are easily offended, this is not the place for you. We have run the gamut from hardcore raiding to completely casual. We have jobs and families and other responsibilities outside of the game. We do, however, take our gaming seriously. While we don't run a raiding schedule to make you cry, we do expect players to take the time we have seriously - and we kill shit. We are not going for server firsts (its not a race for us), but we will down content. We raid 2 nights a week and we do expect our raiders to step up.  

Current Recruitment and plans for Legion

Many of our raiders took a break during WOD. We're working now to figure out who will be back. Recruitment is currently open for all roles. 

Raid nights are Sun/Wed 8:30  - 11 (EST).  

We would like to be able to get into Mythic raiding. Maybe. If we get the right people. We would rather be stuck in heroic with an awesome group than downing Mythic with asshats. If you feel our guild is the right fit for you (and you meet our requirements below), please contact one of us and we will set something up. We do require anyone interested in joining to come raid with us at least once prior to us sending out a ginvite.  

Who we are looking for:

- 21 and over only

- Please don't stand in fire

- A good sense of humor - and thick skin!

- A fundamental understanding of your own character and raid roles.

- Come to raids on time and be prepared

No trolls/Drama Kings/Queens please!

If this sounds like you, pst one of us! 
We’re not really sticklers for ‘rank’ here, so any of us should be able to help.